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The Viewing of Yaacov’s Ladder

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Some reviews of the play: 

Paige, after doing her ballet dance said, “So this is what heaven is like”.

Patron– “I loved the play. It was good to see & hear such holiness & beauty. The anointing was as if a bucket of oil had poured down from heaven & flowed out on to the audience. We were dripping!”

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Save the date! Yaacov’s Ladder

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Save the Date….. October 4th, 5th & 6th

“The Garden”, River Family Church, Vista, CA


This will be a theatrical presentation of the times God displayed himself as an all-powerful & loving God, all for the reason of bringing his creation back to the garden. His ancient sounds from heaven have always been present. We will highlight some of His mighty displays in artistic form, with music, drama, painting & dance. Come and have an adventure with us!


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Newsletter, January 2019

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“You crown the year with a bountiful harvest; even the hard pathways overflow with abundance.” Psalms 65:11


So, what was the haps in 2018? Funny you should ask!

MAY– We had our showcase theater for the theater classes we taught 6 weeks previous.

JUNE– Jimmy & I went to Israel in June with a team, bringing worship & intercession to key areas.

JULY– Carrie went to DC for David’s Tent for California’s week for 24/7 worship. She was able to join in and lead some sets for worship.

NOVEMBER– We both went to DC again with David’s Tent, but instead for the week with the Native Americans.

NOVEMBER– James & Carrie directed and headed up the fund raiser for Kehilat Ariel Messianic Synagogue- a mystery dinner theater “Who Stole Bubbe Zelda’s Candle Schticks?”


“RACHMIEL”- large cast production of Rachmiel Frydland, a holocaust survivor. We have laid the ground work so now working to flesh it out. Coming March 2020.
TRIP TO ISRAEL- possibly this spring. Why? To join in the sound of David, to release the sound of heaven. Still waiting on God’s strategy.
“JACOB’S LADDER”- shhh! Still in the works! Something about using all the arts to release a creative display of heaven meeting earth- Adonai’s passionate love for relationship with us.
THEATER/DRAMA FELLOWSHIP- Still in planning at Kehilat Ariel Messianic Synagogue.

We are beyond overwhelmed and ecstatic to live in a time where God’s purposes are so evident and powerful. We are privileged to be able to go & do what we were made to do- theater arts in creative worship, with a Hebrew flair.

Please see below what is coming up. We would love you to join us. Either to come with us, be involved in our theater productions, prayer or donating so we can do the work. I don’t know of a more important time to pour ourselves into God’s eternal kingdom.  I think we’ll all be surprised when we enter eternity to see how big & brilliant God is & maybe wishing we’d pursued him more here on earth.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! Go with gusto to the places God has within your heart!

We would love if you’d come along side with us monetarily to help us complete these tasks in excellence. We believe that time is of the essence and the time is now for Adonai to move like a huge wave over our land and Israel. The stats are amazing of those now finding Yeshua all over the world.


You can contact Carrie Paraiso at or FB page Planet Bubble. Todah Raba!


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DC Mall- David’s Tent- All Tribes Worship- November 9th

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“David’s Tent” has had 24/7 worship for 3K days. Each state has had a week during 2018 and Native Americans will take a week from November 5-11.

ALL TRIBES DC-A huge gathering is happening on the 9th.  Historical and powerful. Check out the FB page below.

I am so blessed to be able to go for 5 days and play with my flute, keys and maybe dance- worshipping with my heritage.

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Newsletter, April 2018

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GOING TO ISRAEL! A Prayer & Worship Journey
June 12-22, ’18

So…. WHAT’S The HAPS?!

This is with Lilianna McDermot / Tikvah Radio. She has been many times and is seeing God moving in amazing ways. She has asked me to lead the dance and worship at various locations. This will be on a tour bus ($1500 land fee – cheap!). A few places we will go are

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An Acting/Theater Workshop!

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POP the Creative BUBBLES

Come to learn acting skills & get a grip of the theater. This is a safe & fun place where your confidence of what’s within can come out. There will be a

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