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Newsletter, April 2018

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GOING TO ISRAEL! A Prayer & Worship Journey
June 12-22, ’18

So…. WHAT’S The HAPS?!

This is with Lilianna McDermot / Tikvah Radio. She has been many times and is seeing God moving in amazing ways. She has asked me to lead the dance and worship at various locations. This will be on a tour bus ($1500 land fee – cheap!). A few places we will go are Carmel, Sea of Galilee, Jerusalem (see attached flyer).
If you would love to go to worship or pray for Israel, let me know.

We also DEFINITELY need prayer partners and/or financial help.

April 9th-14th, 6 weeks

Come learn the what & how of being on stage!

Mondays 6:30-8:30 at Kehilat Ariel Synagogue Basement.

After the workshop, we will have a “Showcase Theater” where all your fans can come enjoy an entertaining evening.
Ages: Jr High and up. $60


We are doing the ground work for a full-scale production about Rachmiel Frydland. a miraculous thriver from the holocaust. He was a father to the Messianic movement, with a need-to-be-told story. We need actors, stage crew, costumes, the works. Let me know if you are interested. We are looking at the performance being early ’19. Auditions coming!!!!!

On the Drawing Board

Ideas Forming:

In May, we’ll be having a “In My Backyard” artsy evening with creatives and good eats. This will be a fund raiser for the trip to Israel and the play. I promise, it will be fun! I’ll keep you posted!

We would love if you’d come along side with us monetarily to help us complete these tasks in excellence. We believe that time is of the essence and the time is now for Adonai to move like a huge wave over our land and Israel. The stats are amazing of those now finding Yeshua all over the world.

PDF Newsletter – Feb 18