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About Planet Bubble

Planet Bubble began when James and Carrie met in 1977 doing a play and married in a theater at Calvary Chapel in North Park Theater. The actual dream did not visualize until 2001. Since then, they’ve been involved with theater in all forms around San Diego. Two major productions were called “ChagigatL’Chaim B’Mashiach- The Festivals of Life in the Messiah”  and “Yaacov’s Ladder”. Now in Arkansas, they are continuing to create and dream and eventually bring what has been given to them, to Israel.

Planet Bubble exists to create a venue for people to express their God-given talents in a community of integrity and honor- all for the main purpose of bringing heaven to earth. Talent is so vast and limitless in what can be done, which makes for so many venues that could be made.


About James

James always wanted to be an actor growing up. After he went through the Lord’s schooling to learn the ways of His kingdom and fathering his four children, he went to

San Diego State and got a BA in Theater Performance. Since then, not only has he acted in theaters around San Diego, he also had many character parts and positions in

directing, along with his wife.  He believes that the arts are a medium that can reach the deepest parts of the soul and spirit and a way to speak to the broken, the powerful

love of God. The arts are a perfect way to bring heaven to earth.

About Carrie

Carrie was raised in a sanctuary, learning and growing in the arts her entire life.  She began playing the flute since grade 4, trained in worship teams since 26, in performance and congregational worship dance teams, acting and directing plays, starting piano in college and writing orchestral music- all this being part of what has been on her creator’s pallet over the years.

She believes the arts are to be done with a wholeness- freedom of spirit, soul and body.  This causes a purity of creativity, which is more powerful and impactful- her purpose and destiny.

Adonai has brought her to her Sephardic roots, which brings more depth of purpose. She now feels purposed to be a creative, integral component to work with and for His people- popping bubbles with Hebrew flair! 

The wholeness of a person also speaks of the health not only of the mind and spirit, but also the body. She studied nutrition (BS in Nutrition, Chico State) and holistic healing since her teens. She believe the holistic way of healing brings “chaim” to the complete person.






Their call is to create venues for the arts to be released. This must be done in an environment of integrity and honor. If these elements are not permeating, community does not thrive.

Baruch Atah Adonai!