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Vision for Planet Bubble

Our vision is that the arts would be a major force in the pursuit of God and the display of who he is. There is a deep river of His creativity that comes from His throne room- and those who know him, know how to jump in.

The arts have no limit to how and where they can be used. Those who know God need to rise up and wield their craft with beauty, quality and authority. We need to bring to the world, entertainment that fulfills the soul and calls it to a higher level of freedom and destiny.

Our personal vision is to be a creator of venues so that the artist can have a safe place of integrity and honor to thrive. Everyone holds within them the genius of God and sometimes it takes someone to open a door for that creativity to come alive.

Bezalel The Artist

Brian Godawa, Word Pictures: Knowing God, page 361

“Philosophy and theology have traditionally been constructed from three components: metaphysics (reality), epistemology (knowledge) and ethics (morality). But I think another ancient formula (from Pluto) gets it more right: The Good, The True and The Beautiful. Aesthetics (the study of beauty) is as necessary to our theology as truth and goodness. Yet all too often, it is relegated to a supplemental or optional elective in the curriculum of our faith.

God considered beauty to be an integral part of our relationship with him. The artist is no mere hobbyist but rather a tool in the hand of God for accomplishing that purpose. A closer look at Scripture about the making of the first tabernacle for the worship of God helped to illuminate this importance for me (Exodus 35:30-36:2). It is not insignificant that this is the very first passage in the Bible in which God fills a person with his Spirit; and that person was an artist. It was not mere skill that was required to build this beautiful edifice. It would take an artist to fulfill that blueprint from God. We’re also told God filled Bezalel with wisdom, understanding, knowledge and artistic craftsmanship. The exact same traits God grants to prophets (Numbers 24:16), priests (I Samuel 2:35) , and kings (IKings 5:12), yet here he puts it all into an artist. and this wasn’t an isolated incident. Later, another artist by the name of Hiram is described as being filled with “wisdom, understanding and skill” (I Kings 7:14), and Huram-abi is yet another artisan called a “skilled man, endowed with understanding” (II Chronicles 2:13).

Artists have a high calling from God.”