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Newsletter, September 2020

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Planet Bubble News- September 2020

People who feel insignificant, remain ineffective and small. They become grasshoppers in their own sight and may never inherit all that Jesus died to give them. Graham Scott

So, what’s the Haps? Moving to Arkansas! WHAT??!! So….

We reconnected with our pastor Albie Pearson a few years ago from when we were in our 20’s. The relationship has led to him trusting us to help administer and write (bringing in Messianic teachings) to Millennium Seminary ( and also coming alongside in the leadership team with UMI- United Ministries International. Millennium Seminary is an on-line, free seminary that teaches kingdom thinking, based on scriptural content. It has wonderful training that brings you to the heart of Yeshua and His love and promises to those who follow Him.

We are also looking at a property now with 35 acres where we could build a theater for events: plays, worship, gatherings or many venues of creative endeavors. There are also cabins for visitors and potential people who’d like to join our community, along with a workshop and sound room. There are many details involved and timing, so if you could please pray that we can see clearly as we follow him.

I am finding this happy and sad, sad from leaving so many people we love and connected to. We know G-d is purposeful and all the connections remain for what He is doing at these strategic times.

So, on to some wild and crazy adventures!


II Chronicles 31:11- “Hezekiah gave orders to prepare storerooms in the temple of the Lord, and this was done.
I feel like this is a timely word for today. A massive worldwide revival is coming and we need to be ready for the hurting and broken to come and be healed. We are coming into a time of miracles and restoration of many things.
Our purpose is to set a stage where the Messiah’s love and power can flow out from worship from the throne room, so people can experience heaven.

We have finished these projects:

“Yaacov’s Ladder” music is on YouTube, along with verbiage & media to tell the story along with it. Please go to this link to enjoy the experience:

“Song of Deborah”– this was just  written, where all the words come from Judges 5. It is amazing how the words fit our times perfectly.


We would love if you’d come along side with us monetarily to help us complete these tasks in excellence. We believe that time is of the essence and the time is now for Adonai to move like a huge wave over our land and Israel. The stats are amazing of those now finding Yeshua all over the world.

You can contact Carrie Paraiso at or FB page Planet Bubble. Todah Raba!

If you’d like to join our tribe, please contact us., non-profit 501c3