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To Wrestle Or Not To Wrestle – That Really Is The Question

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Going arm to arm, chest to chest, head to head, muscle to muscle and strength to strength…hearing the breathing of the other, hearing the pounding of the hearts…sweat….the battle of minds, will and emotions.

What is the perfect will of God? What action is to be taken for his glory, for his higher purpose? How do I decipher His voice from my mind and all the deep and undiscoverable emotions that are attached? What will it cost me? Will the pain be unbearable?

Will truth prevail? Will the sword cut to the core and reveal the naked truth? Will that be allowed…..or will the will of man hide behind the darkness and not allow the flood of freedom to rush in and create a cacophony of life to all those around?

The Lord loves when we wrestle with Him. It creates intimacy with him- we being known and he being known to us. There is no other experience as complete. Jacob wrestled with G-d. Jacob cried out for Elohim to bless him. He could not go on with out it.

That is the most base desire for every human being- to know and be known by their creator and be blessed by him. How else can we live in freedom and peace? Oh, what measures we have taken to be fulfilled in other ways only because we have not known or are too afraid to know the power of his love for us.