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Don’t Be a Mentriloquist!

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Speak from your heart, not your mind. Otherwise, you’re being a MENTRILOQUIST!

You are hijacking the heart – where the real issues of life reside. Data, facts and figures do not inspire. They are dead information apart from how they effect people’s lives.

Inspiration comes when someone lets their life-river that’s deep; flow, spring and bubble out, creating life around them. Inspiration comes when someone beats all odds of horrible stats and knocks them down to make new data that is unexpected.

A mentriloquist only lives in the mind- apart from his real self- shut down from being his authentically created self. That person just breathes to keep his mind and body alive….working to feed it and find some pleasure and sleeping to sustain it. No one escapes heart ache and tragedy. The beauty of life is the journey of finding your broken heart hidden in the deep and allowing the light to heal it.