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The Sanctuary of the Kingdom

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“A Glorious throne, exalted from the beginning, is the place of our sanctuary”. Jeremiah 17:12

Notre Damn Burned! After years of being an icon to man’s pursuit of God. It also was a sanctuary for the desperate, the agonized and despised. Yet, how infinitesimal is the sanctuary of the glorious throne of Elohim- that is not governed by the finite and impure heart of men on earth.

As we spend our lives on earth, the wise build to the eternal kingdom. The magnificent works, made by human hands, alway crumble to the ground. Such a heart-rendering disappointment to amazing & brilliant creativity that is gone forever. But, such a demonstration of the eternal richness of God’s majestic beauty.

I once was not so excited about eternal riches. Oh, how can I not see that his eternal rewards are beyond description. Jewels in this world are mere specks of dust compared to his gifts he has, waiting in delight to give to us.

“Better is one day on your courts than a thousand else where. I would rather be a door keeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of the wicked.”

King David saw the majestic kingdom of Elohim! He really lived in the kingly realm- hence, he being the one who brought heaven’s sounds on earth.

Remember, fill your pockets to the brim of stones from the river bed, for they turn into unimaginable gifts on the other side.